Jean Smith is a Buddhist teacher and author of eight books on Buddhism. She has traveled repeatedly in the Himalayas. After years in New York publishing, she moved to New Mexico, where she teaches introductory meditation and has guest taught in Taos, Vallecitos, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque.

Himalayan Passage
IUniverse (September 11, 2008)
As a sixteenth century Himalayan mountain girl, Tara knew a husband would be chosen for her. One day, Mughals riding sleek Arabian horses arrived seeking a woman prophesized to be one of the sultan's wives. Fear and excitement mingle in Tara's heart as she realized she is the chosen one.

Tara is taken to live in sultan Ibrahim's desert fortress. Since assuming power at eighteen, Ibrahim had established a vast empire where the arts flourished and religious tolerance meant peace. There, Tara joins Ibrahim's wives, each representing a region and religion, and quickly grows to love the exotic people and their rituals.

Ibrahim is consumed by Tara's beauty and passion, and she quickly becomes his exclusive nightly companion. Tara's intelligence bonds her to Ibrahim's very first wife, Kiren. Together, Tara and Kiren serve Ibrahim, Tara as his lover and Kiren as his political advisor.

As jealousy simmers among Ibrahim's wives, a southern governor, Bhaji, builds power by encouraging Hindu nationalism against Ibrahim's empire. Working against both time and karma, Tara, Kiren, and Ibrahim must devise a stragegy to confront the tide of unrest. The task seems unsurmountable as culture, religion, and ethnic politics collide in this riveting story of love, faith, and karmic tragedy.

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